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Javabucks Fundraising 2020

Open through 2020

Parents, Family, Friends, and Pacer Community,

 As we look forward to the new normal and the 2021 season, we hope you will again support our student-athletes at Lakeridge High School. This fall we have teamed up with a great company to provide a safe, convenient and exciting fundraiser we believe will bring in the much-needed dollars for our program as well as provide each of you with delicious coffee to enjoy at home!   With this coffee program, you can support Pacer Baseball in two exciting ways:     

 1) You can purchase individual one-pound bags of Pacer private label coffee, of which we receive ~$10/bag. Individual purchases will help with expenses such as field improvement, hitting cage improvements, and maintenance.     

2) You can also purchase a yearly subscription to support the program year-round! All subscription coffee comes with free shipping and will help build our scholarship program to help student-athletes with their baseball needs. 

Our fresh roasted Pacer coffee is available in whole bean, ground, and K-cups, in both a light and dark roast! This is a great time of year to think about gift-giving and stocking stuffers while showing your love of coffee and Pacer Baseball!  

We look forward to and appreciate any help you can give.

Pacer Gift Pack Coffee Bags: $44.99

Whole Bean or Ground Coffee:

  1. 1lb Light Roast
  2. 1lb Dark Roast
  3. 15oz Ceramic Pacer Mug

Pacers K-Cups by American Heroes Coffee: $19.99

American Heroes Signature Blends K-Cups

  • Heroes Blend - Medium-Dark Roast:
  • Liberty Blend - Medium Roast:

Pacer Gift Pack w/ K-Cups: $44.99


Gift Box with K-Cups: 12 Cups - .39oz (11g) EA / NET WT 4.66oz (132g)

  1.  American Heroes Signature Blends K-Cups Heroes Blend - Dark Roast:
  2.  Liberty Blend - Medium Roast:
  3.  15oz Ceramic Pacer Mug

1 LB Light or Dark Roast Coffee: $19.99

PRODUCT INFO: 1lb Light or Dark Roast

  • Light, Americano Roast
  • Mild and Balanced
  • Pleasant Acidity and Body